LOTD 5/29/2017

Greetings readers, so glad to see you here again!  I am taking advantage of the rare blog lull to show off my Look Of The Day for  today (5/29/2017) and I just love it!  I added some new, some old and poses with an awesome backdrop from anxiety!  As always, all credits will be listed below and I hope to see you out there soon! xo




Mandala  –  Katakori necklace
(r)M Hair  – No.39’16
Pixicat  –  Explorer.Corset
Pixicat  –  Explorer.Top
Pixicat  –  Signe.Jeans
LeLutka Head  –  Simone 2.7
Di’s Opera –  Poses

Puddin’ Pop Style

Hello dear readers and, at this point, dear friends!  I wanted to give a shout out for this Look Of The Day using pieces from  various events both past and present.  So let’s dive in, shall we?..

First off, I had to give a shout out to one of my favorite DC villains- Harley Quinn and rock the “Puddin” collar from Swallow that I went broke on a gacha machine to get- lol- But what to pair it up with?  I had the fun but now I wanted the feminine divine sexy so I went with the Addams “Vera” dress with the amazing side holes! 

Omg it is perfect especially paired up with the N-Core “ZOE” shoes that have a simply but effective HUD that gave me what I wanted most- A red sole on my shoes!  I grabbed my David Heather “Oyster” sunglasses and “Evie” hair and I am set to shop, hang out or go dancing! 


I hope you enjoyed this latest posting and as always, credits will be listed below.  Hope to see you out there..xo

Credits :

Skin Applier : Insol / Nicole *Uber 2017
N-core : ZOE / shoes *Kustom9 2016
David Heather : Oyster Sunglasses *Kustom9 2016
Swallow : Harl3y Quinn / PUDDIN Collar *Shiny Shabby 2016
Addams :  Vera / Tight Holes Dress *Shiny Shabby 2016
DOUX :  Evie / Hair
An Lar : Duchess series / poses

Grey Would Be The Color…

Well UBER is upon us once again and I was SO lucky to get in there almost 10 minutes after it opened!  I managed to demolish both the venue and my wallet but I am going to show you a few things I picked up and you will understand why I love this event..<3
First off, how cool is this new hair from .Shi “Octavia”?  I love it so much and the “Melt” shades too? Yep, a combination made in fash-heaven!  So with keeping the grey theme, I went with the “Joyce” top from Emery and the “Oichi” pants from Azuchi and gave the whole look some pop with the “Kirin Armor” from Bauhaus Movement, the “Legendary” necklace and “Uzumaki” ring from Mandala and I finished it all off with the latest skin applier for Catwa heads “Nicole” from Insol also available at this month’s Uber- So hit UBER now and check out the new build as well, I really like it.

As always, all credits will be listed below and I hope to see you out there very soon!  ❤

Azuchi : Oichi Pants / Uber
.Shi : Octavia / Uber
.Shi : Melt Shades / .Shi
Bauhaus Movement : Kirin Armor SILVER
Emery : Joyce Top / Grey
An Lar :  Poses

Its Cold Outside

Hello readers!  Good to see you again!  Well, I must admit that I had to go back to UBER because I needed another outfit -gasp- But this time, this one is from “LAZYBONES” and it is the Cold-Shoulder Top/Laced-Up Leggings combo and I paired that with the EXILE hair “Class Act” and the “Gemma” booties from REIGN.



I just simply love this look and will be using it as my quick go-to in the days to come! As always, credits will be listed below and I hope to see you all out there

Exile:: Class Act
JD – Vania Short Black
LAZYBONES – Cold Shoulder Top – Black
LAZYBONES – Laced Up Leggings – Black
REIGN.- Gemma Booties- Black

Oh Oh Uber!

Greetings readers!  Hope that your Holiday was safe, fun and joyous!  Mine was and stuffed with food and family but it is now time to dive back into blogging some amazing events, outfits and items!  Since it is such an early day for me, I thought I would show off this lovely outfit I picked up from UBER and this months theme is “Leather and Lace” and omg, get out there and go! Gorgeous items abound!



Right now, I am loving this “Danger Set” from Pseudo coupled with the “Vania” gloves from JD and, to bring it all home, the “Xenius” heels and “Sorrow” headdress from Azoury!  I got inspired, what can I say?  xo  As always, all credits will be listed below with relevant SLURLS and I hope to see you out there!


AZOURY –  Xenius Heels Dark
AZOURY – Sorrow Headwear
JD – Vania Long Gloves
Pseudo- Danger Set Bra Black
Pseudo- Danger Set Panty Black
Pseudo- Danger Set Skirt Black

Fight Away The Chill!

Greetings readers!  Well I have been on an event kick alot lately and I am discovering all sorts of fashion treasures and goodies so this time, I want to show you something from November’s Uber Just Because  “Emily”  dress with Anna boots and the “Odin” hair from adoness available at The Dark Style Fair!


This weather really has me thinking of the snow and cold out there so I thought maybe a cute outfit is one way to help ease the chill.  As always, credits will be listed below and I hope to see you out there and if you see me, give me a shout! xo
*JB* Anna Boots with Socks
*JB* Emily Dress – Taupe
*JB* Emily Scarf
adoness : odin : charcoal

Uber Cold Stylin’

Greetings readers!  I was debating on this next post because I saw someone had blogged this exact look as well!  Well I had no idea so here I am thinking I am all original. LOL  Well I hope that it is seen as more of a tribute or homage than anything malicious because nothing foul was intended.  I love the hair and the look so here we go!

Straight outta Uber, I have for you the “Star” hair by Besom and the “Flora” top and bottom from SPIRIT with the poses from RK who are not in this round.  Make sure to hit Uber or any of the designers listed below and have a great mid-week day!


CATWA HEAD AnnaGrey V4.10
SPIRIT – Flora shorts 
SPIRIT – Flora sweater
RKPoses– Pose