Dance Electric

Whatever you do, don’t you let your light go dark, my love
It’s the only light that you will ever have




lelutka head/ simone 3.0
kl couture/ her -black print
minimal/ milla glasses -silver@ faMESHed
tableau vivant/ wrap up – Blonds
gos/ morticia shoes
an lar/ poses
denver’s shapes / karen shape



“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”
– Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Hello, dear readers, I know it has been some time since I last checked in.  All is well with me but  sometimes events happen in our lives that cause us to look inward.  To make us take stock and double check that everything is copasetic or ‘in excellent order’ and for me, an event happened that caused me to question if I really do all that I possibly can.  Do I give enough of myself?  So, the following images portray my journey of self- starting with a deep look inward followed by a reminder that through all the mess, I found peace.  As always, all credits will be listed below and I hope to see you out there ❤



lelutka head | simone 3.0
opale | juliana hair knit hat
spirit | aqua leggings @ Uber
spirit | aqua sweater @ Uber
bauhaus movement | shadow bliss poses @ TLC
kc | scarlett boots

Get The Baka-Glow!




lelutka head| simone 3.0
bakaboo | baka jumpsuit-floral cuts
codex | bento flora rings
eclat | mirrored sunnies
eclat | pyramid earring
livalle | luscious jr- platform heels
tableau vivant | nyoki hair-equinox
amitie | all poses
location | everwinter

Fall Is On The Way!

UBER has arrived and I have not stopped shopping since!  It is another great round and  make sure you stop in before November 23rd, for all your fall needs.  From comfy sweaters to cozy homes, this round of Uber has got you covered!  As always, credits are listed below!



lelutka head | simone 3.0
shi | kadosh
v.e. | matilda belted coat- charcoal @ Uber
v.e. | matilda mock sweater- charcoal @ Uber
reign | anaiya boots
foxcity | all poses