Rebel Hope | Havana Mesh Skirt Tucans Cream @faMESHed
Rebel Hope | Havana Mesh Top Tucans Cream @faMESHed
Pure Poison | Sonia Sandals @faMESHed
Fashiowl | Happy Raccoons Pose @Pose Fair
booN | Cor.011 hair pieces
Eclat | Mirrored Sunnies
The Oak | Reese Bag






coco/ black choker
coco/ tuxedo dress
lep/ nao Shades
pure poison/ sha pumps @ kustom9
mandala/ haramita earring
tableau vivant/ hairbase
backdrop/ vanmoer
poseidon/ poses

Powder Packs A Punch

Greetings readers!  Well its here!  POWDER PACK-February Edition has been released and it is amazing!  I hope you guys reserved yours and enjoy it as much as I do.  Now, let’s dive in with a hint of the goodies.   First off from amara beauty we have the skin and body appliers “Kelly” and this is an amazing hud, multiple skin shades/lipsticks and even eyeshadows and very soft too.  As you can see here, it’s very versatile and paired up with the okkbye “BabyDoll Lashes” it is just a really hot  but also soft look!


Now here for this second look from Powder Pack, I fell for the rich, gorgeous tones from Modish “Leta” skin applier, the Pink Fuel “Juicy Drop” lipstick and topped it off with the Zibska “Ailey” eyeshadow. Isnt it divine?  It is so lush and so exotic.  It is quickly becoming one of my favorites already! I hope it becomes one of yours too!


As always, all credits will be listed below and please be sure to reserve the next Powder Pack if you haven’t already- appliers, skins, makeups and lashes and who knows what else the coming months will bring but you can bet that they will all be worth it! Please reserve yours today at the following location-
Powder Pack  and you can also stay in touch or find answers to many questions via the following:

Powder Pack Facebook Page
Powder Pack Online


amara beauty-Powder Pack 2017– Kelly Beauty Kit
okkbye BabyDoll Lashes-Powder Pack 2017
Vista Bento ProHands
Vista Animations -Miriam Bento AO
.BF. Nayome Bracelet- Cosmopolitan
Scandalize. Niah jumpsuit. – Cosmopolitan
Vanity Hair– Say my Name-Light Reds

Modish-Leta Skin Applier-Powder Pack 2017
Pink Fuel-Juicy Drop lipstick- Powder Pack 2017
Zibska-Ailey Catwa Eyeshadow- Powder Pack 2017
*EB* Fringe Suit “Eva” – Cosmopolitan
EMO-tions–  *ZOLA *
aisling. -Edyna forehead décor
Pure Poison – Artizan Cloud Pumps

Here Comes The Bride

Greetings dear readers!  How are you today? I am amazing and was made even more so when I went to the new build for CROSSROADS and found this delightful, gorgeous gown from DEAD DOLLZ “The Bride” and it is so beautiful, you have to see it  for yourself! It is so versatile with five options available  With the “Aria” hair from MADesigns, I like to think I am ready to go out on the town with my Sith!


As always, all credits will be posted below and I hope to see you all out there!


LeLutka Head- Simone 2.2
Maitreya– Lara Body
Bella Moda – Mezzanotte Black Bracelet
Pure Poison – Artizan Cloud Pumps
Dead Dollz-The Bride Bodysuit- Black/Crossroads
Dead Dollz-The Bride Lace Gown- Black/Crossroads

In The Dark

Greetings readers, today I thought I would show off my current look of the day and it is from the new event this month, The Darkness Event!  It is a monthly event and features some incredible designs and talented creators so make sure you stop in!  Now then, on to this LOTD- This one is from BYRNE and it is the “Vudu Yudu” outfit.  This is so amazing- from the saucy thigh-high slit and the incredible headpiece, you HAVE to get this one so don’t let it slip by!   Is it NOT amazing??  BYRNE really did a great job on this ensemble and, as always, all credits will be listed below and I hope to see you all out there! 



BYRNE- Vudu Yudu Outfit/ The Darkness Event
Pure Poison- Artizan Cloud Pumps
RK- poses

Don’t Let 2017 Sneak Up On You!

Greetings 2017 and all my readers! I hope the holiday season has left you with  a bit less stress and a bit more cheer!  I have been pretty lax in my blog postings so let’s dive into it now, shall we?  My Look Of The Day was really inspired by 2017.  After the crap year 2016 was, I thought I better be sneaky before any drama 2017 brings with it catches up to me LOL

So to start off, here I am wearing my LILLY “Leather Jacket Dress” along with my OBSCURE “Spiked Mask” and my PURE POISON “String Pumps” and topped it all off with my “Aria” Mohawk from MADesigns.  I think I am about ready to face the year, don’t you?

As always, all credits will be listed below and I hope to see you all out there!




.: fiore :. Angled Mesh Head
.::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ ARIA
Lilly – leather Jacket Dress
Pure Poison – Strings Pumps
[Obscure] Spiked Mask

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, dear readers!  I hope that 2017 is better for you and for us all.  Just remember to be safe, have fun and celebrate the coming days! Now let me show you what I managed to pick up at Gizza, Fiore, Pure Poison and at Project se7en because, even at the dawn of a New Year, I have to find a way to shop and blog lol



I discovered Fiore’s Angled Head and fell instantly in love with it so go check it out when you can and then I went to P7 and nabbeed the “Clumsy” hair from [MELLO], the “Wings” pumps and “Ribbon” necklace from Pure Poison (thanks to the massive sale!) and topped it all off with Gizza’s “Adrianna” outfit and poses from Bauhaus Movement

As always, credits will be listed below and I hope you all stay safe, have fun and see you Next Year!


.: fiore :. Angeled Mesh Head (2.2)
GizzA – Adrianna Outfit
PP – Ribbon Necklace
PP – Wings Pumps
[Mello] Clumsy – Gingers *At Project Se7en
Bauhaus Movement: Poses

Poison In The Dark

Merry Christmas/Yule/Happy Holidays, readers!  I am sorry I have been away but the holidays always have me on the run!  Don’t worry though, I did take enough time to stop and take advantage of some great sales I found!  From Pure Poison’s amazing 70% off sale (going on now until January 1st) to Bauhaus Movement (50% off the entire store from now until January 4th), I managed to throw together this ensemble.



Here is my “Fancy Corset” from Birdy with my Pure Poison “Mohawk Head Armor” and “Medusa Mask” and my ” Aggressions level 4.0″ neckpiece along with Bauhaus Movement Poses (I will check and add the names here when I find them again) So everyone, have a great holiday and be safe out there!  Credits will be listed below and I will see you soon! xo


Birdy. Cabaret – Fancy Corset
Birdy. Cabaret – Fancy Corset  Cover 
BM – Aggressionslevel 4.0 SILVER Neck 1
Pure Poison – Medusa Mask
Pure Poison – Mohawk Head Armor – Black