Wicca <3s RP

Greetings readers, omg I have much to share today! We ❤ RP is open and Wicca’s Wardrobe has done it again!  Offering up her latest “Alethea” for this great event and between the pieces and the HUDs, again I can make up so many looks to fit my mood, amp up my blog or just have fun at an event, this really gives you many options!

I added in Bauhaus Movement’s “Kirin” armor for my arm and .Shi.’s hair to top it off but I am also using Slackgirl’s  “Night Shadow” from this month’s PowderPack for Lelutka May Edition as well so I urge you strongly to get out there and check out all of great things and subscriptions going on out there!  As always, all credits will be listed below and hope to see you soon!  xo




LeLutka Head – Simone 2.7
.Shi – Binah hair – Top
Bauhaus Movement – Kirin Armor SILVER
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Alethea Corset *We ❤ RP May 2017
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Alethea Nipple Covers *We ❤ RP May 2017
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Alethea Shoulder Piece *We ❤ RP May 2017
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Alethea Skirt *We ❤ RP May 2017
SlackGirl – Night Shadow *Powder Pack for Lelutka May Edition




Powder Packs Another Punch!

Hello readers!  POWDER PACK IS HERE!  It is an amazing assortment this month with all sorts of goodies from adored, Modish, Pink Fuel and so many more so make sure you reserve yours today so you dont miss out!

Now then, for this look, I am using the ‘Brooke’ beauty applier from amara beauty and that includes the body applier, lipstick and shadow too!  It is such an amazing HUD! All info about Powder Pack is also included down below with the credits so enjoy and hope to see out there! xo



Powder Pack Info


Catwa Head- AnnaGrey
Redmint Hair-  No.19’14
Bauhaus Movement – Aura Cuff
Blueberry – Alissa – T-shirt Dress
Identity– Glass Heart
Everglow– Pose


Nuclear Winter

Hello dear readers!  The other day I got early access to Tres Chic and OMG, it is amazing!  The selections, the colors, the designs, just everything is so beautiful so make sure you get out there as soon as you can and shop your lovely selves crazy!

Today I am going to show off my Look Of The Day from the Tres Chic January Event and from Eclipse Designs “The Trench Outfit” and the boots are an amazing touch as well as the entire ensemble is a great fit!  Plus I have real love for masks and military gear and hats too..Oh baby!

PLUS I stopped at The Cosmetic Fair too and snapped up Identity’s “Rise Strong” tattoo and applied it right there, it is really that beautiful but here I have it on Faded because I wanted to give a hint of color with this look but I love it- Go check it out, you will too!



As always, credits will be listed below and I hope you do hit Tres Chic, it is really a shopping delight!  Feel free to check back in and I hope to run into you out there!


.::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ ARIA ~ Black V
Bauhaus Movement – Anime Beats Mask // Female
ED.-  TrenchSuit Boots / Tres Chic
ED.-  TrenchSuit  / Tres Chic
Identity- Rise Strong tattoo/ The Cosmetic Fair

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, dear readers!  I hope that 2017 is better for you and for us all.  Just remember to be safe, have fun and celebrate the coming days! Now let me show you what I managed to pick up at Gizza, Fiore, Pure Poison and at Project se7en because, even at the dawn of a New Year, I have to find a way to shop and blog lol



I discovered Fiore’s Angled Head and fell instantly in love with it so go check it out when you can and then I went to P7 and nabbeed the “Clumsy” hair from [MELLO], the “Wings” pumps and “Ribbon” necklace from Pure Poison (thanks to the massive sale!) and topped it all off with Gizza’s “Adrianna” outfit and poses from Bauhaus Movement

As always, credits will be listed below and I hope you all stay safe, have fun and see you Next Year!


.: fiore :. Angeled Mesh Head (2.2)
GizzA – Adrianna Outfit
PP – Ribbon Necklace
PP – Wings Pumps
[Mello] Clumsy – Gingers *At Project Se7en
Bauhaus Movement: Poses

Poison In The Dark

Merry Christmas/Yule/Happy Holidays, readers!  I am sorry I have been away but the holidays always have me on the run!  Don’t worry though, I did take enough time to stop and take advantage of some great sales I found!  From Pure Poison’s amazing 70% off sale (going on now until January 1st) to Bauhaus Movement (50% off the entire store from now until January 4th), I managed to throw together this ensemble.



Here is my “Fancy Corset” from Birdy with my Pure Poison “Mohawk Head Armor” and “Medusa Mask” and my ” Aggressions level 4.0″ neckpiece along with Bauhaus Movement Poses (I will check and add the names here when I find them again) So everyone, have a great holiday and be safe out there!  Credits will be listed below and I will see you soon! xo


Birdy. Cabaret – Fancy Corset
Birdy. Cabaret – Fancy Corset  Cover 
BM – Aggressionslevel 4.0 SILVER Neck 1
Pure Poison – Medusa Mask
Pure Poison – Mohawk Head Armor – Black